Guideline on Sponsorship by Parents Association Council towards students and their college
The purpose of his guideline is to provide guidance to the Parents Association Council with regard to financial sponsorship to students and their college in a fair equitable and in a consistent manner and within its financial boundaries.
It is acknowledged that there are many and varied learning activities designed to maximise learning. PAC support financial sponsorship towards students/teacher activities in an effort to support education, culture, curricular based or recreational activities in the best interest of the student / college that benefits the greatest number of students.
This guideline is in the interest of the students and teachers of Loreto College, Mullingar.
PAC: Parents Advisory Council
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The PAC will attempt to fulfil requests that meet the criteria agreed in this guideline where funding is available, as far as is possible in a fair and equal manner and cannot guarantee that every request will be met.
For the most part the PAC will fundraise and support essential school equipment and student participation in educational areas based on ongoing identified needs.
In general support will be made towards:
 Identified school equipment e.g. lockers, gym equipment
 Education support events e.g. study techniques
 Parent’s talks / presentations
A notional value of €25 per child will be applied
Preference will be given along following lines:
– Entire School; Year; Class; Group; Individual
PAC Sponsorship will also support special events and other co curricular activities that include instrumental, musical, athletic, field trips, guest speakers and presentations where funding is available
 Requests for sponsorship must be submitted to PAC in writing.
 Requests must be submitted in a timely fashion considering the PAC meet 4 – 6 weekly.
 The PAC does support the sponsorship for individual sponsorship however only in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the PAC
 Requests for Sponsorship will be acknowledged at PAC meeting, proposed / denied and seconded.
 Payment will be made by way of a PAC cheque via Loreto College
 Denied requests will be notified by return of application form stating the reasons for the refusal such as
insufficient funds or not keeping in line with policy
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Application Form for Sponsorship
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Application for Sponsorship from Parents Association Council
Application on behalf of:(please submit number of people related to this sponsorship)
Please give a brief description of how the sponsorship will be used and the benefits to the school.
Reply required before
Teacher /
Received by PAC on _________
Discussed at PAC Meeting __________
Proposed by___________________
Denied by_____________________
Seconded by__________________
Payment to be arranged by______________
Refusal of Sponsorship because
Comments by PAC